Model Number: PU-09-I-111-001


•             Patented mechanism for opening and closing, operated either automatically or manually by crank

•             Electric motor powered by 12V rechargeable battery

•             Rubber panel on the pole and battery status LED indicator

•             Built-in receiver for a remote management by radio control



•             Treated fabrics are used with weather resistance and UV protection


•             Painted aluminum frame and steel screws to ensure lightness and strength of the product


Easy and Convenient

·                     Weighing just over 6 kg, the pole of the umbrella is removable and can be transported and stowed easily

·                     Long-life rechargeable battery guaranteeing over 80 open/close cycles after fully charged

·                     The LED display on the pole provides information about the status of battery charge and the correct operation of the umbrella

·                     The special opening and closing mechanism and gearing also enable the umbrella to be operated by a crank, for greater safety if necessary


·                     The umbrella is sold with 1 battery, 1 charger and 1 crank provided as a package


 Technical data

Opening diameter (mm)               2750

Height (mm)                                      2680

Pole diameter (mm)                       38

Weight (kg)                                        6.6

Supply                                                  12 V DC

Maximum power consumption 36 W

Battery                                                 Ni-Mh 1000 mA, 12 V DC

Charging time                                    Initial charge: 8 hours

                                                                Subsequent: 4 hours

Operating temperature (C)   0 45

Built-in receiver frequency          433 MHz

Transmitter range                            20 metres

Transmitter battery                        Model 27A – 12 V

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